Niranjani and Mihir held their beautiful Indian wedding ceremony and reception at the Omni William Penn Hotel this past Memorial Day. It was an amazing experience to be able to photograph such a beautiful event. I feel honored to have had this opportunity. Some of my favorite images of the day are below. Enjoy!

Congratulations to Niranjani and Mihir!

Indian Wedding Photography in PittsburghMandap Urban Room Omni William Penn Hotel.

The mandap was set up in the Urban Room at the Omni William Penn Hotel.

 Indian Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh

Baraat - Indian Wedding Pittsburgh

Baraat, the arrival of the groom. Mihir arrived at the wedding site on a decorated horse, surrounded by family and friends dancing to festive music. This is the equivalent of the groom’s return from Kasi yatra in the South Indian tradition.

Baraat - Indian Wedding PittsburghBaraat - Indian Wedding Pittsburgh

Niranjani and Mihir exchanged garlands three times. Women from the bride’s family waved colored rice and water around the couple to ward off evil spirits. The couple was then led to the mandap.

The groom’s family presented Niranjani with gifts and a new sari.

The bride re-entered the wedding mandap surrounded by married women from her family, now draped in the new sari.

At the prescribed muhuusthan (auspicious time), the groom sanctifies the maangalyam with appropriate mantraas, and seeks God’s blessing for a long and happy life toghether. Mihir ties the magalsuutra around Niranjani’s neck to symbolize their union. Mihir then places sindoor, the sign of a married woman, on Niranjani’s forehead.

Nakshatra Darsanam

The priest helped the couple identify the stars of Arundhati (wife of Sage Vasista who symbolizes chastity and devotion) and Dhruva (the Pole star representing constancy and steadfastness). The couple prayed to them for inspiration and guidance.

Ekhi Bekhi (water game)

The couple played a game where a vessel containing several coins and a ring is filled with colored water. N&M simultaneously dropped their hands into the vessel, attempting to find the ring. It is said that whoever finds the ring 2 out 3 times will rule the household.

Ekhi Bekhi (water game)Ekhi Bekhi (water game)

Presenting the newlyweds.

After the beautiful ceremony we took some pictures of the newlyweds and the bridal party in Mellon Square.

The name of the groom is hidden inside the Mehendi. Can you find it?

First dance as a married couple.

Niranjani and Mihir - Indian Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh

Niranjani and Mihir - Indian Wedding Photographer Pittsburgh


Omni William Penn Grand Ballroom Wedding

Venue: Omni William Penn Hotel
Mandap decorator: Pearl Celebrations
Videography: Ambrosial Films
Second shooter: Matthew Olson
Assistant: Chrissy Olson
Florist: Mocha Rose
Mehndhi: Kadambari Arts

Indian Wedding Photography in Pittsburgh by Jorge Santiago

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