Last Saturday Sarah and I photographed an engagement session with Joe and Jessica. We started out in Oakland, walking around Schenley Park and the Cathedral of Learning, and then we headed downtown to the North Shore. En route, we got stuck in an epic traffic jam, which actually ended up working out in our favor as by the time we finally arrived and parked downtown the light was stunning. The couple were remarkably good-humored about the wait in traffic (which bodes well for a stress-free wedding!) and we had a great time wandering up and down the waterfront, chatting about travel and Pittsburgh, and taking advantage of the lovely sunset. Congratulations to Joe and Jessica on their engagement!

Engagement Photos Pittsburgh

Engagement Photos Pittsburgh

Engagement Photos Pittsburgh

Engagement Photos Pittsburgh

We met Jorge for our engagement photos and could not be happier with our decision to work with him. He was very accommodating and super creative always in search of finding the perfect picture. We were able to access the photos in no less than 3 days after the shoot, and were very impressed with the end result. We have so many great shots to choose from and are super excited to work with on our wedding. Would definitely recommend to family and friends! – Jessica & Joe

Sarah Elizabeth Noll

jorge…your photos always make me think “maybe I should get engaged, or married or something, just so Jorge can take photos…” Then I wonder…but to whom? and my thoughts end there ; ) so, it’ll have to be photos of my beautiful child…we’ll probably visit my parents in the ‘burgh at Christmastime…do you think you’ll be there then?

Robert Avery Fredericks

My favorite is the final one with its limited depth of field & its FOCUS ON FEET (haha). That’s a natural thought from a man who wears a shirt, tie & HUARACHES! Seriously, The focus on the couple, the dynamic descending curve they’re sitting on & the magial blurring of everything in even the immediate background. Well…that’s ROMANCE in a nutshell, isn’t it?

Great work, as usual!

Muy buena sesión! me encanta tu estilo, las locaciones y sobre todo lo natural en las parejas y la luz. Felicidades y mucho éxito! Saludos a Sarah.

Jorge Santiago Photography

Thanks Sarah! I’d love to visit Oaxaca in December but I’ll be back to Pittsburgh in January. I’m so looking forward to photographing Angella. Saludos!

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