I had the great opportunity of photographing Madeleine and John’s wedding weekend in Oaxaca, México. M&J got married in a very intimate and emotional ceremony at Casa Oaxaca. After the ceremony, in the traditional Oaxacan way, they had a parade with friends and family around downtown, winding up at the Casa Oaxaca Restaurant, where they held their cocktail hour. We snuck out of the cocktail hour for a few minutes to take some portraits around the city in the beautiful evening light. Two days after the wedding we met up again to take another series of photos in historic downtown Oaxaca, where we took advantage of all the Day of the Dead festivities! Some of my favorite images from the weekend are below. Que vivan los novios!


Assistant: Fausto Nahum Perez
Reception: Casa Oaxaca
Chef: Alejandro Ruíz Olmedo


Was there a wedding planner that helped produce this event? Was it a planner from Casa Oaxaca or independent? Would love to learn more!

WOoOoOW! Padrísimas!

La mirada es increíble para convertir un evento social que podría para muchos estar desprovisto de interés, en imágenes extraordinarias plenas de calidad…eres grande mi Yorch.

Ahhhhh que hermoso! felicidades Yorch!

Monica David Garcia

Amazing memories and amazing Photography!

Jessica Remedios de Santiago

GORGEOUS!!! What beautiful photos to have and share!

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